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TallyLab builds apps that help people collect, protect, and find answers in their data. This particular project is mostly the work of TallyLab's CEO, Jordyn Bonds, with occasional, critical assistance from TallyLab's CTO, Mark Henderson.

Our generous and invaluable advisors include doctors, epidemiologists, statisticians, engineers, lawyers, and journalists. If you'd like to join their ranks (or if you are already one of them and would like formal credit here), contact us.

Everyone is enthusiastically invited to join this effort! Please contact us or assign yourself an issue on Github.

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1. A tweet from Dr. Frieden:
2. An episode of On the Media:

"Abstinence-Only" Coronavirus Guidance Won't Save Us, where host Brooke Gladstone interviews Julia Marcus.

3. Countless Conversations

Every conversation we've had since March 2020 has included a segment about all of the events people might want to go to, but there's just too many factors and they don't know how to make sense of it all.

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Please see the project in Github for a list of planned updates. You are enthusiastically invited to contribute there, or by contacting us.

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