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So far, this is pretty much just the work of me, Jordyn Bonds. I released this as a project of my company, TallyLab, because it fits within our mission to help more people find more answers in more data with less tracking.

A large and ever-expanding group of doctors, scientists, statisticians, educators, and technologists are generously helping me behind the scenes, and I will add their names here if any of them ever answer "yes" when I ask if I can credit them.

You are enthusiastically invited to join this effort! Please contact me or assign yourself an issue on Github.

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I woke up on Saturday, June 27th, 2020 with the idea for this burning a hole in my mind. The day before I had seen this tweet from former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden:

A few days earlier, I heard an episode of On the Media entitled "Abstinence-Only" Coronavirus Guidance Won't Save Us. Host Brooke Gladstone's interview with Julia Marcus seeded my brain with the notion that we need better guidance on reducing risk when we do go out, even while acknowledging that the safest move is to not go out. Yes, this frame has its limitations, but I wanted to acknowledge it as part of my thinking.

Before even that, though, I had started to notice how every conversation I've had since March 2020 has included a segment about all of the events people might want to go to, but there's just too many factors and they don't know how to make sense of it all.

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Please see the project in Github for a list of planned updates. You are enthusiastically invited to contribute there, or by contacting us.

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